January-April 2013


How to Get a Quick Overview of Your Recipe Categorization



To see a list of recipes with the categories that each recipe is assigned to, at a glance:

Select View… Recipe List With Categories…


This view is useful when you want to quickly see how many (and which) categories each recipe is assigned to, at a single glance.



To see a list of categories and all the recipes assigned to each category:

Select View… Category List With Recipes…


This view is useful if you want a quick overview of how many of your categories are empty (no recipes assigned to them), and how many similar categories there are, and whether you might want to merge some categories.  You can merge categories by mapping categories (see Recipes… Cookbook Categories… Map To button.



To see a list of categories from all cookbooks:

Select View… Category List (All Cookbooks)…


This view is useful if you are considering merging and deleting of categories across cookbooks to get consistent naming for similar categories (see Tools… Data Management… Categories tab… Manage Categories button).  For example, you notice that you have categories like “barbecue”, “barbeque”, “bar-b-q”, and “bbq”.  If you had a consistent category name (e.g., “barbecue”) across cookbooks, then your searches across cookbooks for recipes in the “barbecue” category would produce search hits in all the cookbooks with “barbecue” category.  If a cookbook had “bbq” but not “barbecue” as a category, its recipes would not appear in the cookbook-wide search.

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