May-August 2017


Search Within a Category


For example, let’s say you want to search for recipes using “parsley” within the “salads” category:

1.      Open the recipe list (Recipes... Recipes...) .

2.      Select the “salads” category.

3.      Press the Search button on the recipe list window.  The search range is shown in the search window title as “Recipes in category:  [salads]” .

4.      (Optional) Select “all cookbooks” if you want a search of the “salads” category in all your cookbooks.  Leave as is if you want to search the open cookbook only.

5.      Add your keyword(s) into the textbox.

6.      (Optional) Click the “ingredients” button if you want the search to include ingredients.  This is likely if you are looking for “salads” recipes that use parsley.  Otherwise, you will get recipes that have “parsley” in the recipe name only.

7.      Press the Search button.


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