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NYC Tips


Jan-Apr 2017:

Find All User-Defined Items in the Nutrition Database 


Sep-Dec 2016:

Understanding NYC's Auto-Menu Side Dish Selection 


May-Aug 2016:

Creating Automated Menus 


Jan-Apr 2016:

Create Shopping List By Aisle With Generic Aisle Names 


Sep-Dec 2015:

Keep Cookbooks the Same Across Several Cookbooks 


May-Aug 2015:

Search By Multiple Categories 


Jan-Apr 2015:

Editing Rating Criteria Without Altering Ratings 


Sep-Dec 2014:

Purpose of Each NYC Droplist 


May-Aug 2014:

Why You Should Keep User Files in NYC's User Folder


Jan-Apr 2014:

Keeping Your NYC User Folder in the Cloud 


Sep-Dec 2013:

Emailing Recipes Without a MAPI-Compliant Email Client 


May-Aug 2013:

Word-wrapping Control For Recipes 


Jan-Apr 2013:

How to Get a Quick Overview of Your Recipe Categorization 


Sep-Dec 2012:

Recipe Ingredient and Unit Descriptions for Nutritional Analysis 


May-Aug 2012:

Moving NYC to a New Computer (with Win7 or Vista) 


Jan-Apr 2012:

Get Nutrition Analysis of a Single Item 


Nov-Dec 2011:

Spawning a New Cookbook With Different Categories From an Old Cookbook 


Sep-Oct 2011:

Exporting Tagged Recipes from All Cookbooks 


Jul-Aug 2011:

Using Units in Recipes for Successful Nutrition Analysis 


May-Jun 2011:

Adding Items to the Nutrition Database 


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